Maintenance - All Rain clients have a monthly or annual retainer for maintenance on their website(s).

This includes regularly scheduled maintenance and updates to CMS and other implemented technology that are necessary to maintain operation and performance of the website. As well as, performing security checks and installing any required updates or patches required. These updates and checks are reviewed, updated and tested by our team on a scheduled basis.

General Support - All Rain clients  have a monthly retainer or pay an hourly fee for general support 

This covers assisting you and your team with any questions, fixes or issues that come up, changes that cannot be managed by your content team - by request each month. Content retainers start at minimum 1 hour per month - we can decide together on the appropriate number of monthly hours based on your needs since these come at a discounted rate in comparison to our hourly rates.

Hours of service: Phone, email and video chat support between 9AM and 5PM EST, 24/7 support for major issues and downtime

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