Technical Director


Translating business problems into technical solutions, relentless perseverance when attacking "impossible" problems.

Preston’s start in software began around 1999 with a small problem that needed solving that he needed to learn something to solve. Then another problem came up, then another, and after more difficult problems were solved with more complex solutions, each time learning a bit more, he started creating a bit of demand for his software services. Since, Preston has worked extensively for government, not-for-profit and private sector clients, being given an opportunity to solve a wide range of sophisticated challenges, collecting certifications and expertises in various technologies. And so by 2014, given his extensive knowledge and experience, he was asked to join as Rain as its first employee, overseeing all the digital strategy and development.

It was a no-brainer to bring him onboard because of his creative problem solving, but also an ability to keep our teams running smoothly and equipped with knowledge of the latest trends and techniques. He looks for the right thing to do, and fit Rain’s mantra “Digital Done Properly”. You’ll enjoy working with him, discussing your technical needs and coming up with the right solution for you. Don’t let him tell you something is impossible though, because he has a really bad habit of finding something we can do anyway. And definitely don’t ask him about his latest travel plans, because it’s impossible for him not to talk your ear off.

Preston Ciere stands in front of fog