A Word About Plugins

Let us know when you install a new plug-in

We suggest that before clients install anything on their sites, give the Rain team a heads up so we can be prepared to keep maintaining your site properly. The most impactful reason is that often plugins can cause unwanted conflicts with other functionality, and when that is discovered, it helps us to know what kind of recent changes have been made so we can troubleshoot faster.

Ensure your plugin doesn’t get erased in an update

We don't want to overwrite your work. We use a code repository for the website’s code. This helps us keep a backup copy of the code and allows us to make changes among the team when needed, and quickly deploy patches, fixes and of course the ever present routine updates that are required from both Wordpress itself and all of its plugins. Unfortunately, if we don’t know of a plugin’s existence, when we “push” our code back to the server during an upgrade, we can overwrite your new plugin.

We’re here to help you find a plug-in that will get the job done effectively

We should also mention that while originally tasked with creating and maintaining your site, adding new plugins can add to the overall effort required to manage your site, from having to perform updates, test for issues and create fixes when necessary. We also can’t control the code / functionality of these plugins, and have to rely on their developers, which is why we scrutinize which plugins to use.

With all this in mind, please know we are here to help. We can assist you with installing a plugin, recommending a trusted one, or help to come up with an alternative solution. After all, sometimes adding a complex plugin to solve a small problem can be a handful for everyone.

Most importantly, we can work together to make sure that plugin gets updated, included in the code repo, and tested while we manage your site and keep everything running smoothly. Connect with us for help at support@rain-digital.ca.