The team at Perimeter Institute wanted to create a brand publishing website to share the power and wonder of science with the world.

Website Development 

  • Worked with the team at Perimeter Institute to identify the purpose, target audiences and look and feel for the new website
  • Developed a series of wireframes and design concepts to illustrate potential approaches to the new site architecture and functionality
  • Better aligned the website structure, content and functionality with Perimeter Institute’s organizational goals and brand personality
  • Built a custom brand publishing website, with custom article formats and related content to encourage deeper engagement and social sharing


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Slices of PI

  • Another signature series of the new website is “Slices of PI”, a monthly image-based feature that makes a science topic widely accessible through images, quotes and pop-culture tie-ins
  • Rain created a tool, affectionately known as the “slice-maker”, that allows the Perimeter Institute team to quickly create Slices of PI images with no design or coding knowledge required

Video Library of Public Lectures

  • One of the signature events at Perimeter Institute is the Public Lecture series, where speakers from all over the world visit the Institute to speak on a variety of topics
  • Rain Digital created a video library of past lectures, sorted by category and presented with related articles and other content
  • Rain also created functionality to allow for the live streaming of Public Lectures, accompanied by a real-time Twitter discussion feed where users can comment on the lecture and ask questions of the lecturer using the #PILive hashtag

Assisted Search

  • Because the website serves a broad audience, from science-curious youth to theoretical physicists, it was important for the content to be equally accessible to everyone visiting the website
  • The search page provides a variety of suggested topics, and offers up suggested matches to content as users type their queries, so that they are always supported when engaging with content on the website


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