When things are not working as expected - help us, help you. The information below is to assist you with problem-solving or pinpointing any issues you may be experiencing on your site. The more you try first, and communicate with our team, the quicker we can get to the fix and *bonus* use less of your support hours.

First, try these things yourself:

Next, if the above steps did not solve your problem, let’s collect more information:

  • What was the last action taken on the site?
  • Did you just make a change or update a page/post?
  • Check for error messages (specifically on date formats, dropdowns, checkboxes)
  • If it is a page or post - is there a specific (correct) Template set?
  • Do you know if the functionality is using a particular plugin or service (forms, email, mailchimp)?
  • Is the issue on just one page/post or multiple places?
  • Does the issue occur whether you are logged in or logged out?
  • What IS happening vs. what SHOULD be happening?
  • Collect your browser details from
  • Take screenshots
  • Copy any relevant URLs

Making a support request when something is broken:

  • In an email, please note anything you discovered in the try it yourself  steps
  • Then, include all relevant details from the collected Information in the steps above
    • Especially ​​screenshots, URLs, browser information, etc. that our team will need to assist
  • Make sure to send your request to so it enters the support system and gets seen quickly by the right team members.

We will acknowledge receipt of the request within 24 hours (on business days) and provide you with an ETA for completion.

  • If you notice your site is down or there is a critical error - chances are good that we already know! We have all our sites on a ping monitor, so if something big goes wrong we get an instant alert.
  • We are lucky to have team members across multiple time zones so there is always someone who can help right away! 
  • We keep daily backups of all our sites, so we can always restore a backup if a fix is not able to be implemented quickly enough as an interim solution
  • You’re in good hands… We’ve yet to find a website issue we couldn’t resolve!